Monday, September 20, 2010

Hop Harvest I is on...

Hey all,

Thats right HH1 has made it on tap replacing the Whipper Snapper. Sad to see that beer go, but excited for the HH1. this years Hop harvest one is made with an locally grown east coast hop called MX-1. Our hop farmer says that he can trace the linage of this hop to the orgigal hop that the Pilgrims brought over from england with them. So it is very much like the earthy british hops you might be thinking about. But the hop resin flavor sticks with you loooooong after the swallow. It the best way i can think of describing it is a Super ESB.

The Citra Hop Harvest II is almost ready so keep an eye out for that you hop heads out there.



  1. My mouth is already watering for that Citra Hop Harvest.

  2. Currently sitting in the bar drinking the HHI. I love the flavor and balance, and it's really impressive how long I taste this after I've swallowed. It even lasts after a few sips of water. Impressive.


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