Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet n' Sour

Hey all,

No I'm not talking about the new soup that is on. I'm talking about the Flanders Red that went on this morning. Good bye to the Imp. India Brown Ale, i know that is a big sad face to a lot of you out there. But, a happy face on my end now that my fiancee wont ask me, "Is the Flanders on yet?" every time i get home.

This years Flanders had enough time to mellow slightly, so it is not as in your face sour as when it first went on last year. No bugs in the full batch. Perhaps a keg blend later on? Time will tell :)



  1. Can't wait to try this, I was actually hoping for more sour this year though!

    Also, make sure they keep the Brat Burger on the menu through this weekend, the wife is out of town so I'm finally going to get one!

  2. One of the busier non-summer lunches I've ever encountered at the brewery today! Had to wait nearly 30 mins for a seat in the bar area. Was worth it to try the Flanders Red though. See what you're talking, definitely still sour, but it fades within seconds into the fruitier flavors. Delicious. That brat burger needs to be added the regular line-up, or at least the pretzel buns as an option for the regular burger. By far the best sandwich on the menu and I love your pulled pork, burgers, and fish sandwiches! Kudos to the chef!


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