Saturday, November 21, 2009

Milk Stout

Hey all,

The Milk Stout is on. This is just the straight Milk Stout. I know in the past we had done a coffee infusion into it, but we wanted to go back to the good old stand-by, to make sure she is still delicious... and she is. The Lactose sugar added is unfermentable so it give a nice creamy sweetness in the glass. Very nice.



  1. That Impy IPA Hop Bomb should come with a warning. Way too easy to drink for a 9.5% beer. Loved it. What hops did you use to dry hop, citra?

  2. Santa loves to have a nice Milk Stout with cookies:)) Speaking of Santa, is there going to be a Christmas Party this year for the IMPs? It's the best party in town, heck-on the planet. It's all i want for Christmas:)

  3. I definitely need to make it over there tonight. A Barley Wine and Imp IPA is just too much to resist. Do you expect the Hop Bomb Imp to still be on cask?

  4. Because I'm a dork and had the day off from work, if you take the average of the beers on tap (excluding the Smutty beers) the average beer is 7.65% ABV and 63 IBU. I'm guessing this is probably your most extreme beer line-up of the year! Well done!

    P.S. - Tyler let me know when those labels come in.


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