Thursday, August 20, 2009

The IPA Situation

Hey all,

So here is the run down. Us having the 5 C's IPA and the Bottle Rocket IPA on at the same time opened some black hole vortex that brought out hopheads from all over the universe here to the Portsmouth Brewery. The 5 C's went away faster then it had ever has in the past, and when that went away to prevent a riot from starting we served them a Bottle Rocket IPA. All this caused our IPA supply to disappear very rapidly. So we are out of our IPA's for a little bit. We decided to put on Stone IPA to give us enough time to get our Bottle Rocket back, but we could only get 2 kegs in of it. Our plan was foiled one more time when a wrinkle in the time space continuum allowed a full keg of the Stone to be drank on a Wednesday, crazy! Now we have one keg of the Stone IPA left, and are hoping to get in some Smuttynose IPA to make us until the weekend (I say with my eyes closed and fingers crossed). So, that’s the IPA situation here at P-brew.

Secondly, I am wicked excited for this weekend. Zach Bodah, our part time assistant here, is getting married! Ride that Pony, do the worm, pop and lock, then…stall. That’s right weddings, dance floors and me are and amazing mix. On a beer related note his Biere de Meile is drinking amazingly! If you see him here on Friday you should let him know what you think and congratulate him on his marriage.



  1. When is the blueberry coming on, do you know?

  2. First of all I want to say Congratulation to Zach, and Dam !that Bière de Meile is some tasty.

    As for the IPA Situation. What happed to the dogfish head love? A couple of kegs of 90 minute IPA, would surly tide us hop heads over ;-)


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