Friday, April 10, 2009

The Kate Day Video: thanks for the memories!

Our friends Brian and Nancy at Atlantic Media Productions recently sent us the video they shot on Kate Day last February. Here is it, in case you hadn't seen it on our website.

What do you think - does Tod have a future in acting or should he keep his day job?


  1. Peter, I find your comment wondering what all the other downtown merchants thought the brewery was up to a rather puzzling one, as well as indicative of a potential missed opportunity. Why not get other downtown merchants on board for a cross promotion of some sort, or at least warn them what was coming? You probably heard-the Friendly Toast was swamped with Kate seekers and had only one server working that morning. The deli across the street from the brewery closed early for their holiday party that day.

    I know that this day is first and foremost about promoting your business, but why not take the opportunity to spread the love? Maybe you could get coffee shops and clothing stores to give a percentage off to those who show their calendar page (or bottles of Kate). Something like that would be win-win-win; for you (by building B2B relationships with your neighbors), for other local merchants (ditto) and for every Portsmouth Brewery fan that comes to town that day by making their visit that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

    BTW, I'm not associated with any business downtown or anywhere else for that matter. I'm just a Kate lover that wants an excuse to speand even more time (and money) in Portsmouth the next time you do a release.

  2. I'd say Tod has a future on the stage and screen, but we don't want him to stop brewing, do we?

    Can you tell us when the ESB will be up and something about the Bravo Pale Ale?

  3. Almost a year for the next Kate the Great tapping, you're killing me!

  4. No June Kate this year?


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