Friday, August 29, 2008

The four Musketeers

Hey all,

Yes it is true what you hear. The De Struise Brew boys where in the house on Wednesday. We made a collaboration beer that is going to be big bold and beautiful. But is not going to be ready for quite a few months. And no I don’t have an exact date of release.

Other beer news, the Dunkel is going to be off for a day so we can make sure the back up Dunkel will be ready to serve. It should be back on by Sat. The cask has changed to Black Cat w/Columbus, and it is delicious. 5 C's is almost ready and is coming out soon I promise. And we just got word that our first wet hops are ready for next week so we are going to get in the first hop harvest of the year into production!!!! So excited.

That’s it for now.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Witt^2 is grand

Hey all,

We now have our Double Wit beer on tap. It is the big brother to the Belgian Wit we had on a while back. Bigger in flavor and alcohol. The increase of ethanol helps the orange and coriander aromas flow to the nose making this beer very well balanced at 9% abv. Defiantly a delicious brew.

Luckily Zach just made in it in time to get the last pint of his OBD with Dalwhinnie. Sad to say that it is gone. Now on we have our Bottle Rocket IPA with a dry "herbing" of chamomile. The chamomile isn’t overpowering at all and adds a nice floral flavor to the finish of the IPA. Our First stab at herbs in beer. We will see where this leads us.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

If you havn't checked the website in a while

Oh ya

I almost forgot to mention that the new Kate the Great count down as been added to our website. Feburary 9th, 2009 at another random time of 1:14pm. Plus there is a awesome video made by Atlantic Media about the last Kate release. Go Check it out!


New Cask! Get in here Zach!

Hey all

We gave our Intern (who now is a part time brewer here for the summer) Zach Bodah a green light to make his first cask conditioned beer. He chose to use our OBD and add toasted oak chips that were soaked in Dalwhinnie Scotch. It went on last night and it is great! So you need to get in here Zach to give it a whirl before it is gone. Secondly, the OBD kicked last night just as we were leaving. So I came in nice and early today to clean sanitize and purge a serving tank and I am now transferring the Old Brown Dog so it will be on in a matter of minutes.

Now the word on the Portsmouth Brewery Old Brown Dog. As most of you know by coming in and reading this blog this has been one of the busiest summers on record for the Portsmouth brewery. We have been running out of beer faster then we can make it (in most cases). So we decided to bring in Smuttynose Old Brown Dog for the rest of the summer to free up a fermentation vessel and serving tank(s). This will hopefully allow us to keep more of our seasonal on tap and be able to give them the time they need to finish correctly. So the batch of Portsmouth OBD that I am transferring right now will be the last for a few months. We will be getting in the Smuttynose Tap handles when it changes over and I will update the What's on Tap section of the blog to keep you guys in the know!



Thursday, August 14, 2008

All 10 in the hizzy


We are now back to a full tap lineup here at the Portsmouth Brewery. Well we still have one guest tap of Moat Mountain Weiss bier, but close enough. Our Hefewiezen is back. We used a different yeast strain to try to get more clove and less banana esters in the beer. It is close to where we want it but you be the judge. The bottle rocket IPA is back as well. After all the intense west coast IPA's we had on for a bit, it is nice to have a nice well balanced IPA for a change. And I know some of you are looking at the Dunkelwiezen and are excited for the smokiness that normally comes along with it. You are going to have to wait a few more months for our smoked Dunkel to some out, it is such a fall beer se can put it out now. This is our version of a Summer Dunkelwiezen. Dunkel is dark in German, so this beer is a dark German wheat beer.



Saturday, August 9, 2008

And then there were 4

Hello Again,
It is 6:26 and we just ran ou of our Imperial IPA.... bummer! Oh well chalk it up to a busy season. Looks like we will be running on 4 beers til the IPA and double Witt come on later this week. Sorry for any inconvenience. Cheers! Todm

WHOA!!! Summer is in full swing

Greetings beer lovers. It is August 9th already and we are slammin'. I thought last year was busy but this year is already ahead of where we were last year!(whatever that means!!) Cheers! to all you P-brew enthusiastics!! As our beers develop in deep condition we are running lots of guest beers to help us thru these crazy times. We have some Moat Mountain beers (from N. Conway NH) as well as Stone beers from San Deigo CA. Hope you enjoy these fine guest beers.
So, there is some great news from Smuttynose Brewing Co. and that is Peter Egelston, President and owner of Smuttynose and P-brew, too,hence the sister company thing, got the go ahead for the development of the new Smuttynose brewery in Hampton NH!!! I am so sure Peter is ecstatic over this development as he has been working on a new site for Smuttynose for the past 4 years( me thinks) Cheers! to Peter for sticking in there.
Our IPA will be back later this week as will our Hefeweizen and perhaps our double Witt. We are trying to keep up with the heavy demand.
I want to thank not only Tyler my assistant for kicking butt this summer but I want to throw out a huge THANKS to Zach our intern from the American Brewers Guild who has worked the past 6 weeks without pay during the busiest season ever!! Coincidence??? I think not. Anyway we hired him on for as long as it takes him to land his first brewing job.
I would also like to throw a huge thanks to Rob and the chefs and our waitstaff without whom we would be dead in the water.Lastlya big Cheers! to Brennen Rumble and his Managers who make the cogs mesh and run without grinding..... did I just use the term "grinding"?? Oh well!
Peace and Cheers! Todm

Thursday, August 7, 2008

IPA situation


Well we didn’t end up getting Arrogant Bastard to the dismay of a few bloggers to this site. It is a great beer but we were out of IPA, so we needed to get an IPA on. I know what you are going to say, Stone Brewing Co is a Southern Cali aka West Coast brewery everything is hopped out crazy like. But I am sure that you will enjoy the Ruination IPA from Stone as a suitable substitution for our Bottle Rocket. The Ruination stands up to the west coast style of stuffing hops in everywhere. The web site says that it is Magnum and Centennial hops in this one. But there has to be others in there too, we are thinking late additions of Summit but hey what do we know. Try one and let me know what you think.

Mack, my apologies about the 5 C’s being in the works. I put it up in the beginning of the week and then we realized that we didn’t have the correct hops in house for the 5 C’s IPA. So you will have to try our Imperial IPA when you get here. I am sure it will cure your fix for hops!

Secondly we put back on our Oatmeal stout and once again tweaked the recipe just a little bit, and it worked out beautifully. We are going to have to send this one to GABF this year! So tasty.

That’s all for now


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

IPA is on its way

Hey all,

We got backed up on our Bottle Rocket IPA and it is not going to be ready for 10-12 days. But we are talking with the Stone Salesman and we are hoping to get in some Stone IPA or possible Some Ruination. We will see what we can get from him when he swings in today.

We do have the Wiezenhiemer on now. It is an American Wheat beer. Meaning that the malt profile is similar to the Hefewiezen but we ferment it out with our house yeast strain so it comes off nice a clean. A very easy drinking summer beer.

See ya all soon!