Thursday, August 14, 2008

All 10 in the hizzy


We are now back to a full tap lineup here at the Portsmouth Brewery. Well we still have one guest tap of Moat Mountain Weiss bier, but close enough. Our Hefewiezen is back. We used a different yeast strain to try to get more clove and less banana esters in the beer. It is close to where we want it but you be the judge. The bottle rocket IPA is back as well. After all the intense west coast IPA's we had on for a bit, it is nice to have a nice well balanced IPA for a change. And I know some of you are looking at the Dunkelwiezen and are excited for the smokiness that normally comes along with it. You are going to have to wait a few more months for our smoked Dunkel to some out, it is such a fall beer se can put it out now. This is our version of a Summer Dunkelwiezen. Dunkel is dark in German, so this beer is a dark German wheat beer.




  1. I dropped in for lunch on Sunday and was dissapointed about no IPA or no Imperial IPA, but the Oatmeal Stout more than made up for it.

    Stone "Mountain" (as written on the board) IPA is intense? huh. ;-)

    Haven't had the Hefewiezen this year, but I have enjoyed the balance between clove and banana in the past. Hopefully you don't tilt it towards the clove side too much like most brewpubs do. This is one of the few that gets the mouthfeel right too.

  2. Well i am sure that the sign said Moat Mountian Wiess and under that most likely in a diffrent color it said Stone IPA. We really try to keep our boards here at Portsmouth brewery very accurate of whats on tap with the correct spelling. But i will look into this for ya!



  3. is it possible "ruination" looked liked "mountain" from afar?

  4. I was in recently and it definitely said "Stone Mountain". Ooops!! ;-)


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