Saturday, December 6, 2008

Welcome Winter

Greetings beer lovers! An unrelated topic.... I was able to take a mid-week day off on Wednesday and went to Newry ME for a much anticipated mid week ski day after seeing Warren Millers' "Children of Winter". What a great day it was... A sunny &40 balmy degrees with decent snowcover, lots of long cruisers and soft snow and NO CROWDS!!. My legs were in a bit of rough shape on Thurs. but none the worse for wear. So, if you can and do ride or ski I'd say get out there ASAP! I was also able to see my brew buddy Stoo Mason at the Sunday River Brewing Co. He had some tasty beer on draught ( 420 IPA and 840 IPA!!) and was well worth the trip. On other notes about the brewery.... We've just put on the Barleywine which is showing itself quite nicely, albeit young, with big fruity (figs & plums) notes and a great hop balance. A little bit different from last years version and I would humbly say a better one. Good job T-Money (T$)!! We have also procurred a few kegs of Sierra Nevada Celebration for your, and our, enjoyment. This is one of the best winter ales I know..... besides ours of course! This years version is similar to last years with it's beautiful amber color medium body and hops running throughout the length of the brew.... a true world class beer. Be on the lookout for our Holidaze Porter which should be available on Monday the 8th. We used 25#s of wildflower honey and Galangal (Thai) ginger. The overall impression is a dark medium bodied ale with a menthol-like spiciness... oooh soo cool for the wintertime. Well, that's all I've got for now. Have a great weekend. Cheers! todm


  1. I'm probably not going to make the party tonight, so save some of the Celebration and Barleywine for the rest of us!

  2. Tod,

    I just came in Thursday (12/11) and enjoyed the Holidaze Porter for the first time. I also had the IPA on cask but had a question...

    The blog says the IPA is mized with Lagavulin, but the waitress said is was dry hopped on Columbus, just wanted to know which I had because I FREAKING LOVED IT.

    Thanks for great brews!

    Sean From NH

  3. Sean,

    The cask changed on the 11th from IPA w/ Lagavulin oak to IPA w/ Columbus. We were also in the middle of a brew day on the 11th so we didn't get a chance to update the blog until now. So you had the Columbus dryhopped IPA yesterday.
    Glad you enjoyed it! See ya in for a pint soon I hope.


  4. Thanks for clearing that up Tyler! I'm really into scotch so I was excited about the Lagavulin, but I'll be damned if that columbus IPA wasn't the BEST damn IPA I've ever had.

    I was by myself but had an excellent view of Todd cleaning our the brew equipment, kinda wanted to try to sneak in and see about a tour of the place.

    I'll definitely be up for another pint soon!

    Sean From NH


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