Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hello (un-official start to) Summer!!

Greetings Beer Lovers,
Here we go with the unofficial start to summer with Memorial Day Weekend. Beside all the great things happening in and around the state, we too,have some changes in the beer selection,,,, and the one in particular that is not only new to us but it turns out our brothers-in-trade over in Petaluma CA at the Lagunitas Brewing Co, have provided the Portsmouth Brewery with the only kegs of Hop Stoopid in the Granite State!! This is one hop-a-rific brew with a resinous aromatic with a good malt backbone to balance the intense hop character. It's light amber color should not fool you into sweetness cause this is one hoppy brew! If you consider yourself a hop head your ship (keg) has come in! We feel very honored to have this selection to offer our patrons at this festive time of year. So, not only are we starting the summer season with a bombastic hop offering Hop Stoopid, be on the lookout for some other offerings coming soon like Charlies Wild Duck Rye IPA, our Black IPA and our Hefeweizen not to mention the Biere de Miel! Whoa, it's looking good for the start of summer!! But as some of you are aware that the Portsmouth Brewery turns 20 years old next Wednesday. Be sure to stop in and congratulate not only the Brewery staff but consider thanking yourselves for keeping the fire going here at the brewery. We'll be having some cake and a special 20th anniversary brew "Mottly's Crew" to offer as we toast the anniversary. The staff and community cannot take all the credit for the incredible run we've had but thanks to Peter and Joanne's vision of what and where we belong in the community has been the kindling to keep the our flames stoked. Thanks to all and I hope see some of you on Wednesday. Cheers! Todm

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

20th Anniversary Party Plans

Hello Friends of the Portsmouth Brewery!

We're turning 20 on June 1 and we hope you'll celebrate this milestone with us by joining us at one (or more) of these special celebrations.

We wanted to to take a break from running our finely tuned machine to offer some unique events that we may never do again. If you're disappointed that we're temporarily interrupting our regular service, we're sorry about that, but not too sorry; we only turn 20 once!

We've tried to offer something for everyone and we hope you'll get out your party clothes (to cover your birthday suits) and help us celebrate.

Thank you all very much for your support and patronage for the last twenty years. We couldn't feel more fortunate to have such great support.

Event #1:
Wednesday, June 1: The Birthday Party

This is our actual birthday and we'll be debuting our brand new summer look! We've got new beer glasses, special anniversary coasters, new staff shirts and a variety of other 20th Anniversary goodies. This celebration kicks off our summer season with an extra splash of celebration.

We'll also release our big and bold 20th Anniversary Beer, a hoppy Old Ale which was brewed with 20 malts and 20 hop additions made by 20 brewers.  You can see videos of the brew on Portsmouth Brewery TV.   We'll offer a special dessert- birthday cake and ice cream- in a nod to our ceremonial candle-blowing ceremony around 5:30, which will include a commemorative toast.

Event #2
Saturday, June 4: Studio 56

Excluding the legendary downtown dulcimer guy, we haven't hosted live music in years. On Saturday June 4, We're closing up regular service early (last seating-5:30, last call-6:30 and closing-7) so we can turn the Portsmouth Brewery into downtown's hottest music venue, Studio 56.

MC's BCap and Face of Fate will be throwing down their hypest set in the Seacoast yet! Backed by DJ Ryan Obermiller, their always improvised hip-hop a la mode of freestyle and soul, allows the trio, affectionately known as TheDodgerz or ThePressMCs, to ebb and flow seamlessly with their audiences. These MCs have collaborated and shared stages with such artists as Nas, The Roots, Myka9, Boyz II Men, Slick Rick and more. Ryan Obermiller is a staple in the electronic music scene both as a DJ and show promoter, bringing top rated international DJs to Portsmouth for nearly a decade now.

This is a 21+ show and ID must be shown at the door. Admission is FREE and it will be broadcast live on WXGR. Doors open at 9 with the show starting at 10. We strongly encourage you to bring cash for the bar; all that dancing is bound to make you thirsty!

Event #3:
Sunday June 5: The Family Style Cookout

We tried to talk Peter and Joanne into having all of you over for a cook out, but they kept saying "no," so we're going with our back-up plan- grilling out on the patio!

Our kitchen staff will be tending the fires and stoking the coals while live music sends you into backyard relaxation mode. Seat yourselves at long banquet style tables and enjoy pints of our anniversary beer alongside your grilled treats. Please bring the whole family!

Doors will open at 10:30am and a $10 entrance fee at the door will give you tickets redeemable for a plate of food and a pint of beer. Additional beer and food tickets are available for $5 each. The menu will be reminiscent of a cook-out and this is yet another event that is cash friendly.

So once again, we thank you very much for all of your support!  We hope to continue to serve you all for (at least) another 20 years.


The Staff of the Portsmouth Brewery

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hey all,

T.G.I.Firkin.Friday!!!! We are putting a Firkin on the bar upstairs that has Coffee Milk Stout with Kahlua/Stoli Vanilla Oak. When we do a 5 gal cask this last for 1 day. Lets see if we can get though the 11 gal firkin. Happy American Craft Beer Week!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hit me baby one more time...

Hey all,

Add one more beer change to the list. We now have Coffee Milk Stout on. It is our Milk stout infused with "El Conquistador" Costa Rican coffee from our local coffee roaster/shop, Breaking New Grounds. This is a great breakfast/dessert beer :)


Beer lines are changing quickly around these parts...

Hey all,

So i didn't get a chance to put on the special release of our '09 Wheat Wine that went on tap yesterday. But with only one keg of it and the buzz of people that came in for the random Kate release yesterday afternoon it didn't last the night. Do worry if you missed this beer. We are going to be sneaking on some vintage stuff though out the week. So don't you fret.

To fill the empty line we are putting on the Rye Not. This is a Rye pale ale. So it has the great mouth feel/flavor that comes from using 40% rye malt in the grist profile and the hop backbone of crisp pale ale.

Keep you eyes peeled on the blog/facebook for updates of beer releases for the rest of this American Craft Beer Week. I can divulge some details on one of them. Can you say, "Firkin Friday!!"


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stephan Urquell...

Hey all,

I got the name Stephan Urquell approved for our Czech Style pilsner. Made up the tap markers and changed all the signs. I hope I am not the only one that finds then name wicked funny.


Friday, May 13, 2011


Hey all,

The Dubbel kicked last night and opened up the line for our Saison Printemps. This is our Spring Saison. It has the additions of Wheat Malt and green peppercorns to the beer. This helps lighten up the body as well as enhancing the peppery finish that comes from the yeast strain already.

The Triple is getting very low and will be switching over to Stephan Urquell. This beer is a Czech style pilsner that we made with floor malted Bohemian Plisner malt. So soft, so subtle, so delicious. Springtime fun is happening a pint at a time here at the Portsmouth Brewery!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

American Craft beer week 2011...

New Hampshire’s Original Brewpub Celebrates Itself, Other Breweries During American Craft Beer Week

The United States currently has more breweries (nearly 1800!) than at any point since the late 19th Century. Our nation’s small independent craft breweries have been the source of this growth and we want to not only celebrate the hard work of brewers, managers and owners but also thank American beer drinkers for their support as all these breweries have opened, brewed more beer, and provided jobs to over 100,000 Americans.

American Craft Beer Week runs from May 16-22, and The Portsmouth Brewery is proud to announce the following events, promotions and other noteworthy happenings that make up our celebration of American Craft Beer Week which runs from May 16-22, 2011.

-We’ve added some extra tours! You can tour Portsmouth Brewery every day of Craft Beer Week at 3pm! Join Tod or Tyler (our brewers) for an intimate look at our cozy brewery. All tours come with a half-priced beer sampler!

-We’re giving more back! Normally, Tuesdays are Community Pint Night at Portsmouth Brewery, but for craft beer week, every week night is Community Pint Night. We donate 25¢ to a charity of your choice for each beer you buy. It’s easy - on your way out the door, just place the tokens you’ve received in the yellow wooden box mounted next to our front door.

-We’re tapping some special beers! Kate the Great will make THREE appearances over the course of the week, in addition to releases of aged Wheat Wine and Barleywine and a firkin of Milk Stout aged on “El Conquistador” coffee beans roasted down the block at Breaking New Grounds. The tapping times won’t be published, so you’ll have to keep an eye on our Facebook page to get the news.

-We’re giving away a brewday! We’ll be holding a drawing and the winner gets to spend a day with Tod and Tyler. Experience Tod Mott’s wackiness! Enjoy the magic of the mid-morning chowder break! Revel in weighing out hops! It’s really the best reason to call out of work well.

We hope to see you next week but if we don’t, please raise a toast wherever you are. We all deserve it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

What "Gose" around comes around...

Hey all,

So the winter weizen just barely made it though the weekend. I came in this morning to find an very small puddle in the bottom of the serving tank. So it was perfect timing to pull it off and put on the Gose (pronounced: Goh-za). For those of you that haven't tried this beer yet it is very unique style. It is a style that has been made in a Leipzig Germany for many, many years. It is a very low in alcohol beer, ours is at 4%. Plus since the style pre-dates the Reinheitsgebot, it traditionally has the addition of coriander to this light bodied wheat beer. This beer is extremely drinkable and delectable. Let me know what you think!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Calling all Shoals Pale Ale fans...

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you Shoals Pale Ale fans out there know that Shoals is back on Tap at the Portsmouth Brewery. As you that have been following the guest beer tap line up out there probably have figured out, we take off a Smuttynose beer to put on our guest beer for the month. So for the Maudite we took off the Sumuttynose OBD, but that gives us a open tap so we can bring back the Shoals Pale Ale! Its time to come in to get you fix of the Original Smutty beer.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

M&M melts in your mouth...

Hey all,

I am not talking about the left over Easter Candy. I am talking about two new beers that have just went on tap, our Milk Stout and Maudite. The Maudite is made by Unibroue out of Chambly, Quebec. Our friends to the north are going to be our guest tap line for the Month of May. Maudite is their strong amber-red ale. Great fruity/maltness on the nose leading to similar flavors with the addition of some nice spicyness lingering on the tongue. Now the Milk stout just came on last night and is drinking as amazingly as you remember it. The Lactose sugar added to this beer really rounds out the roasty flavors and lets the chocolate and sweet coffee flavors come though. Can you say amazing dessert beer!